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Powered By penguins is closing - Please read! - Domain transfer instruction at the bottom!!

UPDATE - Please note that an old customer has offered a deal on their hosting packages if anyone would like to move over to them they will help you move your sevices. Please see here for further details and contact them via the link at the bottom

UPDATE Alternative provider - If you would like to move to Heart internet, please open an account with them, and request that services be moved to your own account with Heart Internet, quoting Powered by penguins and ticket number 1802180156. This should be fairly painless, please open a support ticket if you have any difficulties with this.

Please Also note - NOTHING will be deleted or removed from our servers until i am happy things are fully moved. I will not be turning anything off until i am happy.

If you are having issues currently with your website, this is unrelated to this announcement - Please open a support ticket.

Original Message
It is with regret that powered by penguins will be accepting no new orders.

Existing customers - 

When we set out, there were two of us dealing with things, and it worked quite well. Unfortunately my partner left things to me. As my own work and family commitments have increased i have found it increasingly difficult if not impossible to keep up with things on my own. Unfortunately the time has come to close things down. This is not a decision i have taken lightly, but i cannot offer the level of service that we originally set out to provide. I feel this decision should have been made 12-18 months ago, but i couldnt bring myself to close things down.

I wholeheartedly apologise for the lack of service I have provided in recent times.

Over the coming weeks and months i would ask all customers to move services to a new providor.

I am currently making arrangments with Heart internet (our server suppliers) to offer an easy way to move to their services. This should lessen any impact and make the transition to a new providor alot easier if you wish to choose them as your hosting providor. I will update this announcement in due course.

Customers on monthly subscription - Please make no further payments. Please make provisions to move services to an alternative supplier within 2 months. Hosting within this period will not be charged.

Customers on yearly/biyearly - Please make provisions to move services to another providor before the end of your subscription.

Recent Orders - Please request a refund via paypal, all valid requests for refunds will be accepted.

Existing Tickets - All existing tickets have been closed to enable me to deal with immediate issues. Please open a new ticket if you have a domain that requires renewal. Please also note that i will try to deal with all issues as quickly as possible but there is likely to be a delay due to the number of requests i will likely have to deal with.

All recurring payments have now been cancelled within Paypal.

Domain transfers - Please note, to move a domain name to anyone other than Heart internet, please follow the below: - make contact with your new host/registrar and find out their IPS tag (EG "GODADDY" "123-REG" etc etc) You then need to change the IPS tag here. Visit the client area, and click "DOMAINS" - "MYDOMAINS"

Next to the relevant domain name, it says "Manage domain", click that, and then on the right hand side it says "LOGIN TO CONTROL PANEL" Click there, and on the next screen it will say "CHANGE NOMINET TAG"

For .com authorisation codes and unlocking, these options are also found by following the details above.

Once again apologies for any inconvenience, and thankyou for your support over the years.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

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