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Fast Hosts – Transferring a Domain Name From Fasthosts

December 12, 2012 Paul Calvert How To Articles


Transferring domain names from Fast hosts. Generally domain names registered with Fasthosts will be managed via Transferring a domain name to us is a fairly simple process, however there is a set order to how things need to be done to avoid delays. Heres our step by step guide to transferring a domain name [...]


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How to speed up your website

July 28, 2012 Paul Calvert How To Articles

chart (2)

Our servers use Mod_deflate, which is an optional module for Apache – Ok so this might not mean a great deal to most people, but essentially enabling this module for your website means that the output from the server is compressed before it is delivered to your visitor, speeding up your website or blog. Compressing [...]


how to speed up a website, improve page load time, make a website quicker, mod_deflate, speed up wordpress,

How To Install WordPress Fast!

January 5, 2012 Lee Grears How To Articles


If you need to install WordPress quickly onto your new web hosting account you will not be able to do it with more speed and perfection than using a one click install of WordPress. Using the simple one click install process can have your website online within minutes!!! yes minutes!!! and only a couple of [...]


Ways to Lower Your Bounce Rate – SEO

September 28, 2011 Lee Grears How To Articles

How to lower your bounce rate

Anyone who has built a website to represent them or their business would like people to spend more time on their website than a couple seconds. You need visitors to spend more time on your website to sell to them what it is your site is selling, be it information such as a blog, products [...]


bounce rate, how to reduce bounce rate,

Adding the author bio to the bottom of WordPress posts

September 25, 2011 Lee Grears How To Articles


If you have many different people writing info for your blog its a good idea to show the information of the author to the readers. Make sure your contributors/admin all have their bio info added to their user profile in the WordPress wp-admin/users area and that they have a Gravatar profile linked to their email [...]


Author bio for WordPress, Gravitar profile, WordPress Help,

Content Delivery Network and W3 Total Cache

September 18, 2011 Lee Grears How To Articles


WOW, is all I can say to the above title. I first got my blog up and ready and installed a whole host of plugins such as wp minify and quickcache but still felt like my blog was sluggish. So after running a few speed tests on various websites I decided i needed to do [...]


Amazon CDN, W3 Total Cache,

Install WordPress – Creating your own WordPress website

September 16, 2011 Paul Calvert How To Articles

WordPress is it really good for seo

The thought of creating your own website may seem daunting. You have very little technical know-how and you really dont know where to start….Install WordPress is the answer! What is WordPress?? WordPress is an open source Content Management System (often shortened to “CMS”) WordPress is often seen as Blogging software, but it can also be [...]


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Parallels Plesk WebSite Builder – Is it really that easy?

September 15, 2011 Lee Grears How To Articles


One of the big selling points of our unlimited web hosting accounts is the fact that you get free access to Parallels Plesks Website Builder software. Website builder allows the end user to create an effective and scalable website at the click of a button. Templates are available within your hosting control panel that you customise on-line [...]


website builder,

Top 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins

September 11, 2011 Lee Grears How To Articles


Top Ten Must Have WordPress Plugins A quick word first. I know WordPress is not a Content Management System (CMS) as such, but nearly all websites I now create are built on or around WordPress. It is a excellent platform for your website to be built on, it’s well supported and updated, it has a vast community on the [...]


top 10 WordPress plugins,

phpBB – 10 Top tips for starting a forum

July 24, 2011 Paul Calvert How To Articles

phpbb forum software

Adding a forum to your website is a great way to build traffic, and adds a great interactive feature to your site. There are many different options when it comes to which forum software to use. vBullitin, IP.board, phpBB, to name a few. Today we are going to look at one of the more popular [...]


10 top tips for phpbb, file permissions for phpbb, phpbb forum hosting, phpbb spam countermeasures, starting a phpbb forum,

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