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Free Shared SSL With All Web Hosting

February 13, 2012 Lee Grears Useful Info

Did you know that with every hosting account we sell you have the ability to use our free shared SSL. This will enable you to have a simple shopping cart system online and installed, securely within minutes.

To use the free SSL all you need to do is login to your web hosting control panel and go to SSL. This will give you the address of our SSL server that’s mapped to your web hosting account. You can use this info to secure your shopping cart, carts such as Oscommerce, Opencart, Zencart and many more.Free

SSL – Secure Socket Layer are cryptographic protocols that allows your web browser to open content and decode it from a encrypted state. The reason it is encrypted is to make sure that between you and the web server no one can intercept and view the information. This makes it invaluable for websites that store personal and confidential information on their clients; info such as credit card details etc

As part of the data protection act companies have a duty by law to ensure that all details for their clients are to be stored safe and secure.

Shared SSL is excellent for software that needs SSL but still uses a independent payment processor such as Paypal or Google Checkout. Those third party payment processors have their own SSL so that once you pass the transaction to them it becomes their responsibility to look after the security of the transaction. This means your shared SSL certificate will only be encrypting your clients name, email, password and address information.

SSL is already enabled on your account, so if you can utilise on your website please do.




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