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Google Doodle For Halloween

April 19, 2012 Lee Grears News

One word, nice! 

Usually around festive periods Google pulls a new image out of the bag to display the Google logo on the search engines homepage. Googles birthdays are also a treat with the doodles becoming bigger and better every year.

The doodle this time though is a video clip of what I can only assume are Google staff appearing from behind 6 giant pumpkins and start carving away. Me knowing about Googles past doodles for birthdays and Christmas sort of guessed it was going to say Google.

The video is a brilliant time lapse clip with other people including a Godzilla and Santa Clause showing a face to keep you entertained.

As the light goes down and night approaches the pumpkins are lit to show the freshly carved Google logo.

I’ve got to admit this is a real nice move from Google, the finished product looks excellent.

Roll on the Christmas Doodle.


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