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New Web Hosting Packages Added

November 4, 2012 Lee Grears News

Well as you can see we listen to our customers. A recent poll asked what a customer would like to see in a web hosting package.


Not only did they want a simple account without the bells and whistles for just one website they would like to host, cheap. But they also wanted an account that offered them everything possible, including the option to host all there websites under one account, but with separate control panels.


Those packages are now provisioned and are available on our site


The choice is yours, Basic, which offers the ability to host a single website for just £1.49 per month. Plus which has the option to host 5 websites with 500gb of space for each and only £2.45 per month or the Expert which is unlimited including the amount of domains you can host.


You shout out and we listen, that’s the type of host we are!



Basic package, Expert Package, more hosting packages, Plus package,

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