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Are Our Servers Quick Enough? Ping Us And See!

September 30, 2011 Paul Calvert News

Our goal to have one of the fastest hosting services in the UK. At the moment a ping test using the windows command tool and pinging reveals that our servers serve up our site at a average time of 59ms.


Today when i pinged it had a load time of 69ms, so not bad when going against the big boys.

Why not try it yourself? ping your current host and see how fast they serve their sites….

  1. Goto Start – Bottom left of your screen and type cmd in the “Search Programs and Files”
  2. A program called CMD should be listed, open it
  3. Type in “ping”
  4. This will send 4 packets of information to the address and see how long it takes to reply to your request.

This will give a good indication of the distance between you and your documents being served on the web.


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