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.SX Domain Names Now Available

November 16, 2012 Lee Grears Uncategorized

A brand new domain

If you’ve been waiting for such a domain name, now’s the perfect time to get yours and protect your brand’s name. Register .SX domains to protect your brand from adult content.
What is a .SX domain?
.SX is the country code for Sint Maarten. There are no restrictions on who can use them. Register .SX domains now and make your business stand out from the crowd. View Wiki


Who can order .SX domains?

There are no restrictions on .SX domain registrations which means that anyone can register .SX domains.
Protect your brand with .SX
You should always protect your brand by registering new domains as they come out so that no one can trade on your brand’s reputation. Now you can easily secure your domain with .SX. SX domains are becoming very popular so hurry and order your .SX domain today!

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