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How do I setup a database connection for Mysql in Dreamweaver?

1. Open Dreamweaver 

2. Click File>New 

3. Choose “Dynamic Page” in left frame and then “PHP” (or any other type of dynamic page) in right frame. 

4. Click Create (a new blank page will appear). 

5. On the Tools window drop down the “Application” window and choose the “Database” tab. 

6. Assuming a site has been created already you can skip option #1. 

7. In the first 4 steps listed above a document type was created already, so you can skip option #2. 

8. Click on the link that says “testing server” in option #3. 

9. Server model should equal PHP MySQL (this is the dynamic page chosen was equal to PHP). 

10. Access should equal FTP (this information is pertaining to how Dreamweaver will upload it's pages). 

11. FTP host must equal the users domain name 

12. Host directory must equal the directory to where the user would like his/her pages to be uploaded to. 

13. Login must equal the Powered By Penguins account's FTP login info. 

14. Password must equal the Powered By Penguins account's FTP pass. 

15. URL prefix must be the complete URL (i.e. 

16. Click “OK” 

17. Under the Databases tab in the application window click on the + symbol at the top of the window and choose “MySQL Connection” 

18. Connection name can be anything (this is only a descriptive name for the user to recognize the specified connection). 

19. MySQL Server Name must equal localhost 

20. User name must user name of the database that you set up 

21. Password must equal the password used to access the MySQL database (as you configured it) 

22. Database must equal the user name user name as in (20) above 

23. Click Test 

24. If the test is successful click “OK” if the test in unsuccessful review the information provided in step #17.

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