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Common server software requirements

All standard Apache modules are installed on the web servers, including mod_rewrite. In addition, as of 17/04/2010, the following commonly requested items of software are installed at the versions listed:

  • Perl v5.8.8 with Crypt::SSLeay module v0.51
  • PHP v4.4.9 with Zend Optimiser v3.3.3
  • PHP v5.2.17 with Zen Optimiser v3.3.9
  • PHP v5.3.10
  • Python v2.6.6
  • Ruby v1.8.7 with Rails v2.1.2 and eRuby (embedded Ruby)
  • MySQL v5.1.57
  • ImageMagick v6.7.6-1
  • GD v2.3.5
  • CURL v7.19.7

For a full listing of Perl and PHP modules installed, see the control panel. Please note at the time of writing (15th March 2011) these are the current and correct versions, but we are always updating the software on our servers to give our customers the best possible performance and features.

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